18 August 2011


21 Dumb things Bikers do :-) UPDATE to CRAZY

STU listed these 21 Dumb things.
But then Stu is a very responsible grown up.

I hereby list idiotic and crazy things bikers should do to go to biker heaven, my bit.

1) Burn out the clutch of your 400 cc Kawasaki by towing a 1 ton van for 46 km
2) Get arrested for having saddle holsters on your bike with rifles in them. (teh live ammo was a separate charge)
3) Being so drunk that you convince everybody that you are OK and sending the bike into a parked car whilst you fall off on your ass, all within 1 meter from where you started.
4) Hit a tortoise on a bike whilst being towed by a car.
5) Rescue a Harley Davidson by taking the engine from the drilling machine it was doing duty in and placing it back in the frame you found in a shed.
6) Abusing your Z1000R to tow a trailer with a cow and a half-born calf to a vet 80 km away, no burnt clutches or damage. But 80 km and not geting into 3rd, by god!!. Both the cow and the calf survived. (Update: Both have been eaten as steaks and mince with not a ta to me)
7) Wiping out a 1200 cc Honda in a tug of war with my Z1000R. (Actually the most damage to the Honda came whilst in was fighting itself under a parked van) We used dog chain and leather belts as a tug'o'war rope.
8) Riding pillion and drinking premix (brandy and coke) from a liter bottle and clocking 2oo kph over a speedtrap.
9) Sleeping next to the road in winter and having the right connections to take the exhaust gasses to your sleeping bag to stop you from freezing.
10) Seeing a speed trap when going fast in open vast country and knowing that you have blotted your registration (number plate) and then accelerating and sleeping in the bush next to the road for 4 days and watching the cops go hither and dither and laughing your ass of.
11) Parasail behind a bike and land in a river while you shit yourself. (This of course happened to a friend of mine)
12 to 21( You are not going to believe this shit in any case(

Tell me your best/worst

thanks O' Great One. Glad you are still keeping everyone Kees Crazy.
Very African, Kees! I've linked back to it :-)
.... the biggest one you can fnd...

I missed a hilarious one :-

Towing a friend on her skateboard, me braking to avoid a herd of cows, and having her overtake me :-)
Stu, if you change cows to buff you sound very African as well

The overtaking is hilarious
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