31 October 2009


Is Sam a secret Al Gore Fan?

This image cannot be photoshopped can it?
I think, as far as I can think, that they are buddies.
And then I see Vman's whip and I fear for America, and for Sammy.

In other news.
The Cat's Mother and I have just adopted a new puppy to complement our 7 cats.
She was in the vet's place after a car hit her and nobody had the money (sad) to have her fixed.
So a new three legged very special pavement special enters the KeesKennis household.
The Cat's Mother says her name is Willow for the WILL that she shows to get thru this ordeal
I am thinking , as far as I can think, Thumpy (the sound her tail makes as it wags)
Photos to follow.


Congrats on the new family member. The cats will get over it...


GravatarGreat Job...I know that damn right leaning gun toting Sam, and I can tell you for certain, he wouldn't put the glide on Al's daughter. He has integrity.

Cool runnings for Thumpy...that was/is a GREAT thing you did. Tip of the hat my friend.

Stay warm!

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