08 January 2009


Stu makes me cry - Explain why you love Lefties

Sorry all lefties.

In his post "A bit on the side" Stu anounces that I have no purpose, no idea, no fuckin clue and do not deserve to live, that is why I have about 8% of the hits that he has.
Pe We Stu, all my hits come from those with a mental age of less than 16.
Keeskennis and all those associated with this bolg also announces that this blog might or might not be sublet to real life.
Also, if I rebember, my post heading will from now on be linked back to the post, which will automatically link you back to Keeskennis and the Post, and all this will happen automatically and you do not have to worry your sorry ass about it as it will happen by the grace of Blogger.
So there.


I do what?

Did I offend you in some way?

Why not?

Hi Stu
Thanks but I am unoffendable.
Years and years of practise, I can assure you

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