10 January 2009


True or futuristic or just that

There is an interesting debate over at Erin's about Magnets and moonbats and our famous Vman leaves a comment, he must have had been full of the birds and the bees and could have been thinking about this "atomic weight is 85.4678
A MAS (Mutual Admiration Society) was formed just then.
Argue as you will.
He is no slouch on the periodic table though.

No key or smelly type comments will be allowed.

The Cat's Mother better come and cast some Angel spells arround here, soon.

That should get you back for this at least:

Twin tailpipes. You and Keesie can do a threesome!

Bullshitted by Velociman on February 10, 2007 09:53 AM

And the year is but a pup.


Actually, Tellurium (as hydrogen telluride) smells MUCH worse than sulphur. You can get quarantined just for breathing a microgram of it!

Apropos atomic weights : take the molecular structure of Viagra, round the atomic weights to the nearest integer (e.g. Oxygen=16, carbon=12) and sum to get the molecular weight of Viagra. It's 666

Gravatar Thank you for your continued adoration and support.

Gravatar Hi Stu,
Thanks for the stinking comment.

H Erin,
I'm 55 years old but The Cat's Mother, my wife, proclaims that I am an Old Soul.
Nevermind that, I do not do sarcasm.

I do do truth though.
I like you and your blog, and no, I do not think I will ever buy your books.
My late wife and my present wife have never and never will (swat) understand science or hardcore mathematics, so as I loved her and I love them, I have grown to understand them/her more.
I often tell her "Do not use grown up words like 'Energy flow' when you talk about Angels, because you can't measure it" (swat).

Me and Stu, above, see life completely differently as far as politics is concerned but we remain blog buddies because we have the same interest in the real world, that world around mathematics, cars, planes and motorbikes, and I think life.

Stu is a very well read, kind gentleman and he is more learned in the sciences and mathematics than me.
I believe that if you ask Stu he will explain the fallacy in your magnet theory to you, without swearing.

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