26 January 2009


Old photos 2


Just for Eric, but Bonita will understand how my Mother felt.
Keeskennis and Middle brother circa 19voertsek, we were soooo cooool.

Compare the above pic to this one below.
We are in reverse order on the left.
The baby is my brother from the previos post
And the girls are my eldest and middle sisters


The picture of you and your brother reminds me of this.

BobG Homepage 01.26.09 - 9:46 pm #

You boys were rocking some hawt hair cuts there!

Maeve Homepage 01.26.09 - 11:59 pm #

You be Styling!!!

Sam Homepage 01.27.09 - 4:59 pm #

.... thank you, sir...... you guys look great......... startling to see so much white (both in flesh and in clothes) in Africa, though!........

Eric Homepage 01.28.09 - 4:33 am #

ya look just like Ringo!

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