17 May 2007


Bobby's Tour of Duty

He does not post every day, but when he posts it is like the soldier, I percieved I was.

"The KIAs: SGT Joe Polo, SPC Walter Freeman, PFC Derek Gibson (his myspace page...the messages left by friends there tells more than a newspaper article could). The last two were in the platoon I brought over here before joining D Co."

"A few minutes later, one of those trucks took a round to the turret glass. Sniper. The had eyes on the building and returned fire. A good, heavy barrage from their M240. I get the sitrep and ask how far down the house is. 50m is the reply. Cool...let's go get em. I ask permission to enter 822 (since it's not our AO...) and away we go. We bound down the side of the street using backyards. Climbing walls in our gear isn't fun...taxing to say the least. We get to the approximate house and I call for verification. Nope. Not there yet. We look down the street. At least another 250m. Apparently the 50m "guess" was made by the gunner...while he looked through his scope. Frickin privates. We get on the sidewalk and bound back up the street to the market."

Check him out.
War is not fun.

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