31 May 2007


Minor anaconda incident

When Anacondas Attack - Click here for more amazing videos

Not for the squeamish

Ew, I admit...I had to shut it off halfway. That shit looks soooper painful, and gave me the willies.
Erica Homepage 06.05.07 - 3:12 am #
Shouldn't mess with big critters like that unless you are going to shoot and eat them. Wrestling with a carnivore makes no sense.
BobG Homepage 06.01.07 - 8:16 pm #
... whoa...... that dude got what was coming to him..... he should have left that snake alone.....

Eric Homepage 06.01.07 - 3:34 pm #
Maeve Homepage 06.01.07 - 4:59 am #

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