22 May 2007



ONE Tequila !

TWO Tequila !!

THREE Tequila !!!

FLOOR Tequila !!!!




... love that Dorothy Parker quote...

Eric Homepage 05.24.07 - 4:16 pm #


Or as Dorothy Parker is alleged to have said:

I like to have a Martini,

Two at the very most.

At three I'm under the table,

at four I'm under my host.

Snowbug 05.24.07 - 12:15 am #


Ah, good times there are not forgotten

Rex Homepage 05.23.07 - 12:05 am #
I've played this game one too many times! The last time I ended up crashing into the Polka Band.....don't ask.

LeeAnn 05.22.07 - 6:58 pm #

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