19 May 2007


Ducks and other sucks

I like ducks.
Kees's Sucks:
Kees has grown and shrunk over the years, in many ways be that, physically, mentally and para psychologically.
I have never been afraid of anything.
Long before I started blogging I developed little inklings that all was not well in my world.
I grew up up knowing that "A man has to look after himself and his chosen mate".
Even that statement shows a lack of balls.
It should have been:
"A man looks after his wife and children." End of story.
Then slowly but surely my sensibilities got more and more corroded.
I accepted that cheating on taxes was alright.
I accepted men and woman sleeping around.
I accepted divorce.
I accepted Homo's.
And then, a big step. I accepted that we are all human beings and our mistakes should be judged according to where we come from. For example:
If your dad or mom was a paedophile, it's alright, you can be one too.
If you are born poor it's alright to steal.
I accepted that "The World" owes everybody a living.
Right and wrong was subjective.
The lines were blurred.
The clear line of my youth was not so clear anymore when I had my kid.
Did I teach her the strong line of my youth or the watered down version?
I don't really know, but she has turned out more aligned to the stern line than the watery version. Hindsight is alright.
I served as a draftee in two military conflicts, both passed without me putting myself in harms way, to the contrary I did everything to hide myself. This farce was over by the time I was 23.
I went back to a world that saw my sister emigrate to the USA to escape the injustices of our life as we knew it.
Yet I was a chosen one, in our " then", Black and White world. I was White.
Yet, even as a child I never felt White.
And then my perspective changed.
The Soviets with Cuba providing 'fodder,' threatened my Country, minority rule and all, in both Mozambique and Angola. This sent the military scurrying to find good fieldsman.
They got me, this time as a volunteer, with my conditions attached.
I rejoined the army.
My perspective changed again.
The rules of war, the Geneva Convention and being a Gentleman, went out of the window.
Kill or be killed.
When the Cuban choppers had enough fuel, and they had enough spares, they were far superior to anything we had, and they flew over at will, and dropped body parts of the prisoners they had captured - my compatriots - my perspective changed by, a head, a bone, a foot or a hand, whether they were Black or White, did not matter.
My people.
We killed, but not by any means possible, but I personally wanted to kill more, to reverse the unjust killings of civilians that I witnessed. But my childhood training and beliefs held out.
The definition of "Combat Troops", did get upgraded though to, "Anybody who shoots at you".
Let me explain, for every one South African soldier the Cubans' killed, they killed at least 100 civilians of the country that they were "liberating" - socialism sucks.
That "War is Futile" does not enter my mind.
I lost the war but left a legacy that is still fighting on throughout Africa.
Now that you have the gist of my history, I get to my general feeling about life as 'she' appears to be.
She sucks.
But then we make her, she, it suck, by allowing all sorts of freedoms, that have not been earned.
We give the freedom of life to murderers.
We pardon paedophiles.
We condone violent sexual deviants of every kind.
We pardon street protests and people who burn cars because, they are not 'heard'.
Body piercing and tattoos are normal.
If you want you can burn National symbols like flags etc.
You put the Stars and Stripes on your underwear, it's OK.
Muggings are OK, since they don't kill.
We are pussies.
In Europe the Muslims will take over one state, then governments, one after the other, because we are pussies.
In the USA the Mexicans will overrun the Southern states one by one because we are pussies.
This slow insidious inroads into our complacent/permissive sensibilities has turned us all into pussies.
Compassion for those less fortunate than us is very IMPORTANT, it is, it makes us whole.
I am still not afraid of anything.
I have an inkling however that I'd better get better armed, whether that be physically or mentally or para psychologically.
I will have to do some killing again, soon, to preserve what is me and mine at a certain standard.
Whatever the Socialist/Communists/Sexual terrorists/PC persons/Equality people have tried to do, "I'm a man and I will look after my wife and my children."
I still like ducks...
The Cat's Mother suck's:
I am eternally grateful, personally, that I have never had to fight a war.
Kees is seven years ahead of me and my brother, two years ahead.
Both of them fought the war in Angola, and Keesie also in Mozambique.
Both carry the scars. Kees would say memories.
Had I been born male, I would have fought these wars.
In our country 'in those days' female liberation and so-called equality was not 'in'.
I thank God for that because personally if I were a duck that's what I would have done, ducked. It takes a great deal of courage to fight a war.
Not to fight as such, but to have to kill and see your own killed.
I take my hat off to those who do this to defend their countries.
Would I like to walk in their shoes? You tell me.
BIG kudus to our brave fellow countrymen.
For whatever reason.
And I also like ducks ...
Homosexuality does not bug me.
Sleeping around does not bug me.
Tattoos does not bug me.
They were just symbols of my corroding senses.
This ASS RIDER shows a lack of balls.
I missed your birthday too keesie - jammer :-(*mmmmwwwwwaaaahhhh* big kiss & hug!
Jayne Homepage 05.22.07 - 2:50 pm #
Now I know why I like reading Keeskennis... a kindred spirit to mine. Very evocative Kees and damn accurate.
RobC Homepage 05.22.07 - 2:47 pm #
Bravo, Kees. Nicely done.And happy birthday.
Bane Homepage 05.20.07 - 9:37 pm #
Well said Kees.
GUYK Homepage 05.20.07 - 6:43 pm #
off topic, Kees... I missed your birthday and I'm so sorry. Many Happy Birthday wishes to you, dear man!!!
Jean Homepage 05.20.07 - 9:42 am #

"I still like ducks...", you say. But, if you are shooting, I hope your duck is still. Very poignant writing here, Kees Dear. Yes, life sucks; but it still beats the alternative.
Bonita Homepage 05.20.07 - 6:28 am #

A sobering revelation. Too many pussies that never had to work or fight for anything.They'll become slaves and never fight back.
hammer Homepage 05.20.07 - 2:52 am #

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