14 May 2007


Just juice - In another moment

75 ml and three cubes of ice.

That is talking and cooking with gas.

Rinse, repeat.

You're mileage may differ.
Klipdrift "Green Label" premium aged brandy.
Not for pussies and wankers, a man's drink, not French.
The aroma of the grape grabs you by the nostril and says LOUDLY, don't fuck with me and add coke, that's why we make the normal Klipdrift.
Stand back and throw away the cork, now throw back the first two tots, now you are PRIMED.
Sit down, relax and shoot the neighbourhood bully.
"Feeling good"
Take two more and smile.
Break all the glasses around, relax and smile.
4 more in quick succession and you are on top of the world.
Man this is a good drink, even straight out of the bottle it's akin to mothers milk.
Reload and shoot out the streetlamps.
As the cops come to investigate show them the crate of "Greenlabel"
As you are relaxing and drinking with the cops ask for some cases of government issue ammo to practice with later. Store the ammo away from your braai fire.
It is not advisable to send cops home with a lower ratio than 5 cops to 1 bottle of Greenlabel.
If you ignore this, the shit is on your head. I can quote you Hansard on this, just don't do it.
The last two inches of the bottle is exultingly smooth, almost sweet.
Don't rush, relax and fire up your 1000cc motorbike, smile.
Frown at anybody that questions your sensibilities.
Asshole, I said "frown", not "shoot".
Laugh, bury, repeat.
Pull out another cork ......
That is why I normally drink whisky.
Hello Papa. HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY. JY is reg, brandewyn het nie brieke nie. Hope the year outshines all the rest. Lots and Lots of love Pierre en Vida. PS ons drink n polisie koffie op jou
Pierre en Vida 05.16.07 - 10:21 pm #
That sounds VERY, VERY good... especially about now. Wish I could share a glass or 7 with ya...
ralphd00d Homepage 05.14.07 - 10:53 pm #

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