10 August 2008


If .......

....... Me and Eric ever meet, there will be a blade or two to discuss, that is guarenteed.

Women will come to mind.

Guns and rifles and sundry might be discussed and shot.

Holy Cow, I look forward to that.


And Hey miss Moanie of Aargh, Please change the revereswe order of my comments, yu being so clevar ant oil, PLEEEEASE.
The detail is in your mail, justasx soon as I FIGURE THIS OUT.
Send witty notes to joanofargghh *at* the standard gmail type of address. Figure it out.

And I will do mine.
keeskennis Homepage 08.15.08 - 10:09 pm #

... that reminds me, I need to take some photos of the 'blades' in my garage for you..... I'll do that this afternoon......
Eric Homepage 08.10.08 - 3:05 pm #

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