23 August 2008


How tall?


That is so sad!!
Maeve Homepage 08.24.08 - 2:08 am #

How tall?
Too tall.
Elisson Homepage 08.24.08 - 1:47 am #

This is one risk of flying a small plane in Africa that you don't have to face anywhere else.
Elisson Homepage 08.24.08 - 1:46 am #

Just goes to show what happens to one who goes around with their nose stuck way up in the air, huh?
GUYK Homepage 08.23.08 - 6:20 pm #

Pretty hard luck for everyone involved.
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 08.23.08 - 2:58 pm #

The Blob has the "After" Picture for the giraffe

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