29 August 2008


Where does hits come from - Thank you

Link Whoring
829 http://mostlycajun.com/wordpress - a wired type of guy with a big heart and brain.
610 http://bodocktimes.blogspot.com - believes that a big deer rulrs the world.
595 http://bikerssa.blogspot.com - the less said the better, but he corners well. But he is a wuss and far away, so we, we ,we.
585 http://charmingjustcharming.blogspot.com - Lotsa brain, good wife, alert and very good with a chainsaw, not to be messed with
423 http://bloglines.com/myblogs_display - no sex or gender.
415 http://sitemeter.com - ditto
382 http://www2.blogger.com/publish-confirmation.g - ditto
332 http://irishwhiskey66.blogspot.com - I can't say "no sex or gender" here as this is what she looks like

I rest my case
Beware Steve is armed and dangerous
Should Maeve use this picture of her or the anon version that she is using now, Chickie/Lisa I need your help.
302 http://curmudgeonlyskeptical.blogspot.com - A big fan of Barack Husain Obama.

NOT REALLY BUT ( 1 link in 2 years and this is what you get), do not click on this link as it is exstremely unresponsive.
277 http://www.cowboyblob.blogspot.com/ - the Blob is cool and can most probably shoot my ass off, but he could let me win more.
266 http://ralphd00d.blogspot.com - Dude, we are cool
245 http://deaddogwalkin.blogspot.com - K9 knows more about how your grandaddy dressed and armed himself than your grandmommy.
233 http://banedad.blogspot.com - A cool brother but painfully in trouble, pray for him.
226 http://mrsjosegoldbloom.wordpress.com - a peep that was born straight from the gods.
209 http://gutrumbles.com - Hi Rob, I Miss you
199 http://blogger.com/profile/14806735577756844974 - no, sex or gender
176 http://themodulator.org - He is still good I have been lacking
154 http://screwasylum.wordpress.com - I struck this wierdo just as he had a Boing Boing lanche
149 http://frothingatlemouse.wordpress.com - I love the pure prose that froths from her mouse, I my Good, I did not say that, did I, OK OK I meant mouth.
126 http://www2.blogger.com/navbar.g - lurv ya
119 http://velociworld.com - will you marry me?
103 http://www2.blogger.com/posts.g - shoot
97 http://jaynewithawhy.blogspot.com - ek gaan nog saam met julle kom Harley
92 http://nancysgardenspot.blogspot.com - garden bulbs don't do it, she is pro growth, and we all know where that leads.
90 http://southtexian.com - a little bit of brain, well hidden behind great wordskills and a nice twist to history and a big Texan attitude speaks volumes, if you are a proff that helps
84 http://parkwayreststop.com - the 1 % that the other 99% gives a bad name too, and he lives up to that
81 http://home.egge.net/~savory//blog_apr_08.htm - a Scot that is living in Germany and learned crop spraying in the USA and have lived in Switzerland and drives motorbikes and refuses to grow old, he must be dilly, I honestly believe he is older than me. Fast exit whilst ducking and snoring, Hi STU.
81 http://sammoore.org - Mystery in an enigma
78 http://badbadjuju.com - Enigma in a Mystery in a scabbard
71 http://amazinglyenough.blogspot.com - Psst did you know that GWB and BHO is actually brothers spawned by Vman , this of course before he met the very wise and strong and beautiful and, did I say nice and strong? Key, No more extramarital spawn for you my boy!
68 http://bawi.org/x/read.cgi - WTF
68 http://dacfh.blogspot.com - musical drunk
64 http://messages.finance.yahoo.com/Stocks_%28A_to_Z%29/Stocks_C/threadview - Ok
62 http://whenyouronlytoolisahammer.blogspot.com - our local shrink that packs heat
59 http://primordialslack.blogspot.com - I am not qualified to say anything besides that you does not unnerstand english and she has VERY sexy toes and a cool dog
57 http://sweetthing1942.blogspot.com - For President
55 http://grandpa-oldsoldier.blogspot.com - He knows how to barbeque and have hot kids, and handles all firearms like they grow out of his hand.
52 http://tallcooldrinkofwater.blogspot.com - I would like to visit the amazon with brains
45 http://beauvoirglass.blogspot.com - Class and poetry
34 http://carnival.isfullofcrap.com/oldcrap/2007/03/carnival_of_the_82.html - not
33 http://monkeywatch.blogspot.com - ed is very absent except when he wants to be present, OK
32 http://elisson1.blogspot.com - I am saying to myslef to be carefull here as I might end up in an, or on a blueish flame, watching myself bubble, but solid clever and cool peeps nontheless
32 http://holderofuselessknowledge.blogspot.com - herself, pete and repete, got me covered and fishing
31 http://thevoltagegate.blogspot.com/2007/01/circus-of-spineless-17-symbology-of.html - not spineless, tell me it ain't so.
30 http://heartless-bitches.com/blog/index.php/archives/24 - big dicks abound.
30 http://search.comcast.net - ok
29 http://baboonpirates.blogspot.com - A solid peep with a fuctoid mind.
29 http://decrepitoldfool.com - like I said bfore, Old, decrepit but nobody's fool
28 http://redhillkudzu.blogspot.com - unkwon growth from wher you don't expext it
28 http://walrillasworld.blogspot.com - A man, that can
28 http://www2.blogger.com/profile/14806735577756844974 - woo woo
23 http://smokeymountainbreakdown.blogspot.com - a squirel in a mountain in a goat - she knows how to tell a story
23 http://wikio.com/us/sexuality/nude - woot woo wo what?
22 http://thegreenbelt.blogspot.com/2007/03/i-and-bird-44.html - I like birds and chicks
21 http://ericasherman.blogspot.com - C'mon say some'n about me, I dare ya.
21 http://images.google.com.eg/imgres - fuckin wierdos, shit, penis, cunt, nude, ass licking, thanks Catfish, but does he worry, no he kills sankes and gator's and fishes and fucks me.

21 http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2007/03/circus_of_the_spineless_18.php
20 http://brainfuel.tv/caption-contest-fridays-118
19 http://crater-outdoors.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php
19 http://journeythroughgrace.blogspot.com/2007/03/i-and-bird-45.html
19 http://nightshift2006.blogspot.com - come and have a daytime coke
18 http://monkeytricksinsa.blogspot.com - and what?
18 http://smokeonthewater.typepad.com - not ded but vely close, surprise me, a fellow yachtie. and come up writing
16 http://hoosierboy.blogspot.com - a friend of the Mz is afriend of me
16 http://ksquest.blogspot.com - The strongest WOMEN in the universe, and funny and good with plants and insects and I think men.
16 http://one.cn.yahoo.com/view
16 http://ramblingbluedot.blogspot.com - come post or at least click more offen
16 http://twhgrafx.com/scribblings/archives/002990.html - woot

I have had them on my roll and have clicked on them and I have sent peeps to them and whot do I gets, fuckoll I tell you

0 Twenty - butt he has allways been a cunt and irish to boot, and he has sold abook to a stupid publisher that gave him six beers in advance, I only got a coke.

0 Billy Beck - bright, likes himslef and very comceited, apparently can ride a big bike when full of coke, and then also shoot straight after giving lip to a cop. My kind of wrong, go man go.

0 Insty - Nice to use my ellie pics but my Victoria Falls slides is not good, that is just plane bullybeef, nothing else, F*ckit, but it is his choice after all, still fuckit!!

0 Michelle Malkin - too hot for me, I suppose, but I like her thinking.

0 Ausie biker - Just because he loves Rossi and beside that he dislikes the same shits that I do

Visit them all they are a good collection of peeps
Of Course you can allways do better.

Thanks to eXTReme Tracking for the data.
All of you can work harder!

If I failed to disgust or ignore or belittle anybody, please let me know, and I will rectify that, pronto.


If I failed to disgust or ignore or belittle anybody, please let me know, and I will rectify that, p

You know, you could meet about half of these peeps if you hauled your ass to Helen this October.

And have some fine Chatham Artillery Punch besides.

Elisson Homepage 08.29.08 - 11:36 pm #

You mean Chatham Artillery Cider, I think.

I am devastated but this year it is SA.

But 10 December 2009 to 15 January 2010 I am in the USA.

No Holds except that I am spending Cristmas with my Sister in Salt lake City.

WOOT and more

keeskennis Homepage 08.29.08 - 11:52 pm #

DAMN! You must be good to get that many hits off links..most of mine come from people googling for wierd shiot like 14 year old indian virgins and Good God Girty what a gash..\GUYK Homepage 08.30.08 - 3:02 am #

I'm honored to be in such excellent company. Thanks.

Jim - PRS Homepage 08.30.08 - 5:22 am #

I am glad to be of service...

MCmostly cajun Homepage 08.30.08 - 7:07 pm #

Let me know before you come to Salt Lake; I'll want to put some bars on my windows and stock up on shotgun shells...LOL.

BobG Homepage 08.31.08 - 9:21 pm #

.. damn, I send you no traffic?!?...... dude, I am sorry!......

Eric Homepage 09.01.08 - 2:24 am #

Keesie in the U.S.A??!!!??HOLY.SHIT.I'd better start saving my money for THAT blog meet!!!!And lucky for me Chickie is too busy for you two to cook up something to rearrange my blog! Maeve Homepage 09.01.08 - 8:11 am #

Eric: See the post aboveMaeve: You can not be more wrong. Just saying.Thanks JimPrs, MC, Guyk.

keeskennis Homepage 09.01.08 - 6:35 pm #

Dankie vir die link Keesie & humble apologies that I don't visit your spot often enough - I shall try & rectify that in the future

Jayne Homepage 09.01.08 - 6:47 pm #

Hey, thanks for the mention! As for attitude, yep, we Texans prefer everything bigger!

Mike LaRoche Homepage 09.02.08 - 7:08 am #

Thanks for the mention, your is a daily stop for me, and thanks to GUYK for turning me on to your little bit of heaven.

Old Soldier 09.02.08 - 11:16 pm #

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