09 June 2008


Not with a Whimper but a BANG


Incredible! I feel all wet now...

Winston Homepage 06.12.08 - 3:14 pm #

Ruved the pics looong time!

Great Reader KIM Jong ILPyongYang, Koweefornia 90210jihadgene Homepage 06.12.08 - 12:53 am #

Now I like THAT! I bet the fishing is good down stream a bit from there..all that fresh water bringing the bait down it has to be good fishin'

GUYK Homepage 06.11.08 - 3:58 pm #

... breathtaking.... I swear, I will go there before I check out..... I swear....

Eric Homepage 06.11.08 - 3:12 pm #

I have goose bumps.

Maeve Homepage 06.11.08 - 7:09 am #

Wow, what an incredible sight Victoria Falls is!

Mike LaRoche Homepage 06.10.08 - 11:01 am #

You do one heck of a vacation, old friend!


mostly cajun Homepage 06.10.08 - 5:14 am #

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