09 August 2008


Which of the Eric's approve.

Blues ...

Your dad is fifteen or so years older than me, that in itself is scary.
I am sure that he did his level best to raise you to be the best.

However you are a youngster and a "blougat" to boot, so here!!

.... you know, when I finally meet your sorry ass, I'm not going to know whether to shoot you, stab you, or kiss you........ what turmoil you have caused.

Ya did knot tink that that would go unpunisht did ya ?
All of my readers can tell me which of the Eric's is the one pulling back the covering.

I you are cowering because of the SWG retaliation, please comment as A Non.
Do not worry, we have before and after photograhps, and BOY Q!Q!!


I am sure it is and in a private ceremony we could have Eric as the judge and Steve as the Executioner.

(Just Pissing You Off, Not Looking For A Fight Or A Fuck)
Or maybe?

Homepage 08.15.08 - 9:40 pm #

And sorry, but my rack is better.
Homepage 08.11.08 - 6:42 am #

... bhwhahahaaah..... I had forgotten that I had ever posted that old photo!.... .... nice tits on the lassie, though..... and she seems quite happy!...
Homepage 08.10.08 - 3:03 pm #

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