14 June 2008


Holliday snaps

Sussi & Chuma Lodge



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For Eric

The Catsmother has just recieved the news that booze is inclusive

The rooms were great the food was exceptional the booze is included in your room price.
The staff was fab.

As usual, stunning pictures! The hotel would go bankrupt if I were there! Glad you both had a nice time.
Maeve Homepage 06.15.08 - 11:24 pm #

I am so jealous. This looks totally wonderful.
Kim Homepage 06.15.08 - 2:10 am #

Becky Homepage 06.14.08 - 8:57 pm #

Looks like a helluva nice place, and I like the way you have nature all around.
BobG Homepage 06.14.08 - 6:14 pm #

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