09 August 2008


Carry tools - as for beer

Sorry Ms Arch, I am management.

I saw this at Joan's place and thought that that was only half the issues

I had to correct the mistake.

Comment and retribution:

I'd bet that Velocidude would wear that at the Blogtoberfest.:o)
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 08.09.08 - 10:37 pm #

I personally think that he have been scared and scarred by the Drindl, and posting of getting married in the Sistine chapel or some such, have lost him the 29 year olds, however slim and trim they are, unless he have married them.
Am I losing myowsnself here, yes.
Rock on. Half Rubber is the thong, I mean Thing, OK Thong.

keeskennis Homepage 08.10.08 - 12:54 am #

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