28 August 2008


All's well, NOT.

A) Public Parasite (Predictably, Pregnant) Portends Perpetrating ‘Plosion
B) Baseball brouhaha goes into extra innings
C) Scratching, all is not right, it is wrong.

Christians 2 - Lions 0

Growing up in South Africa might have warped my brain somewhat.
Growing up the son of my Father might have warped my brain somewhat.
Growing up the child of my Mother might have warped my brain somewhat.
Growing up the Sibling of my Oldest Siter might have warped my brain somewhat.

But mostly growing up with a functioning brain Ie. a brain that is in modern terms, a left hemisphere brain, a logical one, 1 plus 1 is 2, etc, shaped my life.
All other human life forms follows from this.

Talking to C) above.
Eric, dear chap, "wrong" is only wrong if it actually attacks the basis of mankind.
Guys kissing guys kissing girls kissing frogs (if they are not French) is okey dokey and can be tolerated.

Talking of A) and B) above.
When anybody assumes that they can take from me and mine, without my consent, like tax, they are fucking wrong, I and most others will tollerate this for a certain period. We have an excample of the people in the USA and the EU, we must remember that these peeps have been led by the nose for a very long time, and they will come back from their submisive posture.

This is balanced by those that need because of injury or not being able to look after themselves.
I will give until I bleed.
The shylocks and the shysters can fuck themsleves and die.

We as a people must look at our ultimate survival.

So sorry Eric, I have had wonderful parties with queers of all kinds and have dressed as woman, men, monsters, vaginas, pricks, and assholes, I have even dressed as a politician, I regret that though.
Anybody that touched me without permission lost teeth, and that was OK.

But, god, I digress.
We as humans have come so far, but much, much less than we think.

On a personal level I have lost my social/evolutionary/wordly virginity about 1000 times. I am slow to learn.

Financially I have given and will not ever give any more, fuck that.
(I have about the same earthly value as what SRF© boasts) and I have given more that that.
If these commies treated me better I would give more, fuck them.

Paying 60 dollars for a bottle of whisky is not right, or is it wrong?

All rights other than the natural laws are given by man and therefore are transient and tempory.
The right to bear arms.
A Constitutional Republic, god, get a tree to pronounce that!

To all my readers from the USA:
WTF can I tell you.
If you are lucky, we get to live another year, howzat!

Keeskennis approves of this Message, or was that massage?


.... brother, I have no problem with gays or lesbians.... I have no problem with folks wearing whatever they wish to wear.... hey, to each their own.....
.... all I'm sayin' is that those hammerheads dressing in drag and NOT nailing the hell out of Marilyn is just plain inexcusable...... and that, my brother, is a fact......
Eric Homepage 08.29.08 - 12:59 am #

I agree, I could have been dressed as a "what not" and would have nailed "Her", now where have that gotten us (you see this "downspeak", after all he IS from Tennesee, ya know ) as far as Constitional Republic goes.
But then, brother, I have exercised more facial muscles than you in the act of knot paying taxes, so I have the libertarian Haai Ground.
"Great sex rocks"
keeskennis Homepage 08.29.08 - 1:24 am #

.... I think that you misunderstood my post....... then again, I appreciate the 'downspeak'.... I do read slowly...... and it helps that you use small words.....
Eric Homepage 08.29.08 - 4:18 am #

Great sex always rocks...........
You cannot pay enough for good Irish whiskey.
Um, I lost my train of thought....uh,
I'll just have more whiskey and enjoy the view as I always do here.
Maeve Homepage 08.29.08 - 8:07 am #

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