23 August 2008



Loved it and stole it from Here

This might or might not be the right moment to make a speech.
Who the fuck cares?
I do not live in the USA
I am not voting as I am not qualified to do so.
I do not want to become qualified, nor do I want to become a citizen.
This is not because I don't believe in all of the wonders prescribed in your Constitution.
It is just that am a student of humans, and they will never fullfill those Ideals.
We as humans have the tendency to gather about the LOWEST COMMON DENOMITATOR.
Nevertheless the election of a American President does influence me and mine.
I earn lots of dollars every month, and I would like those dollars to sustain their market value.
So if you guys and dolls vote shit and get BHO elected, I lose, big time.
If he (BHO) had a policy, I could have said because of his policy, but he has gotten shit.
Hey Froth and Joan, are this Inglish and cleer or can I translate it into Afrikaans.


Most excellently clear-ish. Selah indeed.
Kim Homepage 08.24.08 - 7:04 pm #

Keesie,I'm not sure which pesticides you've been exposed to, but you may want to stand UPwind next time they're spraying for mosquitoes.
Joan of Argghh! Homepage 08.24.08 - 4:58 am #

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