07 April 2010


My Cats

My Oldest, Tatsie, have been with me for 15 years and have travelled with me in these 6 moves between 5 countries.

South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
The latest move cost almost 3000 US $

We, the Cats Mother and I started in Hout Bay in SA with 5 cats, Snoekies, Tatsie and her newborn kittens, Wiley, Liksie and JJ and Minissy
We buried Snoekies and Minissy in Botswana, both died of liver failure.
Back in SA we lost JJ, he went missing while being looked after at a Cat Sitting place.

C'mon you men fess up and post your kitty pictures

The white and ginger boykie is JJ (Just Jinger)
The ginger one is Wiley as in Coyote.
The grey lassie is Liksie as in liquid.

JJ where he is at his prettiest.

Remember real men can do what they goddam like.
I have been an animal lover all my life.
Cats are very dear to me.

JJ is not with us and his brother and sister any more.
He was the one and only that turned the Mother into the Cat's Mother.

Photo's from about 7 years ago in Botswana.

What precious kitties!
I'm hoping Santa will bring us a nice black kittie for Yule.
# posted by Maeve : Friday, December 01, 2006 8:36:01 AM

What a great photo. They look so sweet and how fun that they're all different colors.
# posted by Libby Spencer : Sunday, December 03, 2006 7:24:33 AM

Yes Maeve, they are so pretty.
I hope FC gets it right for you.

Libby they are two brothers and a sister from one litter. Their mother Tatsie is still livingwith us. She must have had a roving eye to produce all those colours.
What precious kitties!
I'm hoping Santa will bring us a nice black kittie for Yule.
What a great photo. They look so sweet and how fun that they're all different colors.
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Carnival of the Cats #142
Update: We didn't want to bury the carnival, so we're putting this here. :). Prayer Circle/Vigil for Luna's Mom and Other Friends in Need Sunday, Dec 10, 2006 (Tonight) 9:00pm EST (World Clock Time Converter) ...
We went to Mazambique with Tatsie and her daughter Liksie while our daughter Ondria looked after Wiley in Cape Town.
In Mozambique we got Babaloo.
We took all four, Tatsie, Liksie, Wiley and Babaloo to Tanzania.
And then we moved on to Zambia with our four.
In Zambia I picked up a stray starving kitten we called Mrs. and then Mr. Sassy.
He was buried in our garden after a Black Mamba bit him.
And then Big Boy started a 7 month campaign that landed him a spot in our house.
He might have fathered Desi and Pushy with Roo-roo.

This is why it is "The Cat's Mother"

When the Cat's Mother takes a nap, the rest of the tribe takes a nap.

Back: Big Boy, Wiley and Liksie
Centre: Dessy
Front: Mama Roo, the mother of Dessy and Pushy

Tatsie the Mother of Liksie and Wiley, weighing in at 14 years.

Back: Big Boy, Wiley and Liksie
Centre: Dessy
Front: Mama Roo, the mother of Dessy and Pushy

Big Boy and Dessy

Still to be trained, Pushy was out hunting when the others took a nap.

And that is all seven.

The Cat's Mother rules, OK.
We buried Babaloo next to Mr Sassy after cancer took her away from us.

Tat's and me getting old together

That is Tatsie in the background and Babaloo in the fore.
Babaloo is our kitten, she is 3 years old.
She is our Mozambique mongrel and Tanzania is her second country that she have been to.

Tatsie is our old girl, my youngest pumpkin selected her at 4 weeks and she joined us as a 8 week old.
She is now 11 yers old and likes to nod off, like in the picture above.
She has been to South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Tanzania.

We have two of Tatsie's children, Wiley and Liksie living with us.

I would like to nod off now, like Tatsie.
In Zambia we linked up Roo-roo with a couple of expats.
She lived in our house on a few occasions when they were on R&R or business trips.
She gave birth to Desi, Pushy and 2 dead kittens on the last stay in our house.
The expats than departed and left Roo-roo and her two kittens to die.
They are now a valued caddition to our household
We also had an affair with a dog called Thumpy, he died.

Our new Puppy - A dog to love

Thumpy or our newest special resting after her left front leg and paw was removed from about 1.5 inches below the elbow
Brave girl.

Showing the Cat's Mothers healing crystals around the pup.

She spent five days without any medical attention until the Cat's/Dog's Mother Intervened

Or love.

She is very brave.
We hope her remaining front leg recovers from some serious trauma.
She is very loved now.

Our seven cats are not won over yet but I know the Cat's Mother better than they do, they will be.
Send some money to your local pet sanctuary right now, OK.


Congrats on the new family member. The cats will get over it...


That is what I love about you & the Cat's mother.
Your kind, generous and HUGE loving hearts.

Bless the beasts and the children.
Poor litle guy.
The Cajun is correct, the cats will get over it. Or not. Cats being cats and all.

Bless you and the Cat's Mother, Keesie. That little baby is very, very lucky. Give her a smooch between the ears from me, please.

Thumpy is dead

Bye - Bye to a very brave girl

She died between the 5 O'clock and 6 O'clock feedings.
The Cat's Mother and me are shattered.
We accepted the possibility of her dying.
But when you have that lifeless, still warm, body on your lap, you cry for that fighting spirit that was THUMPY.
I cried.

You will be remembered.


Let there be music.


My condolences on the passing of Thumpy. People who do not have Animal Companions don't know how sweet their presence makes our lives or how painful it is when their short lives end.

GravatarOh, Keesie, I am so, so sorry. Big hugs to you and the Cat's Mother. How lucky Thumpy was to have had such love, if only for a little while.

Blessings on you both, my friend.

GravatarI'm sorry, Keesie! At least the last days were around people who care. Sometimes that's the best we can offer...

Mighty decent of you to try, folks.


GravatarI'm sorry to hear that. Really, I cry with you. And yes, some people cared about him. That's a big deal, I believe.

GravatarI am so sorry for your loss. Bless you both for trying so hard to help Thumpy heal.

GravatarBrotherman, I am so sorry. My condolences. I'm downtown with what my friend Elisson said.

My dog Stretch owns me, not the other way around.

Thankyou for trying...

I am so sorry Kees & Cat's Mum!!
Please take comfort in the fact she knew she was loved unconditionally before she passed over.
Like you & everyone else I hoped for a happier ending.

In the end the fact that we tried is what counts, but at the moment we all wish we had power over death.
You tried, and in doing so made Thumpy's last days much better than if you hadn't tried. In doing so you made the world just a little better.
Sorry for your loss.

I'm still catchingup, so just saw this. I am so so sorry. Thumpy can play with the Beebs and Elvis the yellow Lab and Lucky the black cat. These guys just break your heart, right? We're still sad about Beebs.

But, I'm trying to convince Mr. Froth that we need another pup.
It's probably too soon for you guys.
That makes the seven extra souls in the Keeskennis and the Cat's Mothers lives.
Dead Cats

Catblogging with the Cat's Mother and Tatsie


Remember Tattoo from a few post below?

This is her remaining children from the same litter.
The ginger boytjie is Wiley and his grey sis is Liksie (Liquid)
They had an almost pure white brother that has since left us.

Now you guess the colour of the midnight visitor('s) that spawned a ginger and grey and white kitten with Tatsie.

As all modern and up to date cats do, she had her kittens in a drawer of white linen.
She was 4 years old at the time of her first and last (I made sure of that) litter.
We believed that, because she has had no kittens, that she cant.
Call me stupid..... 4 years !!

The Cat's Mother has been in my life as long as Wiley and Liksie.
They are now spoiled beyond redeption.

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