11 January 2012


A grandchild - The Waiting

Cindy and me took Vida out for a bite to eat.
She looks heavy, that is the struth, heavy.
All 5 foot and 3 inches of her.
I love all of her pounds

And then I get the sms "On our way to meet Ray"
Vida and Pierre is mostly Afrikaans but I get this sms on Cindy's phone and Cindy is mostly English, but in a good way.
And I send back " We love him verskriklik alreeds"
That means " We love him so much already"

And the latest news:
The birth is happening and the docter gave her a pill to sleep and it will happen soon


Vida insists that the birth will be natural and not induced  and she will wait for the boykie to battle his way into this world.
Wish her strength, will ya.

Ooooh, how exciting! Grandpa Keesy has such a nice ring to it. I wish for you and your family an abundance of love, good health and never-ending blessings.
Yayyyyyyy kittehs! And doggehs!!!! Merv the cat says hi to your babies.
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