13 January 2012


I love authority - Not

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This is a very nice photo of my love of authority
It depicts me after a 3 month "You cannot refuse" call up for a Camp in the NDF.
If you click on the photo and make it bigger you will see that my eyes are clear, the right hand index finger nail is dirty, the pay packet shows that I spent some months in pay of the army, etc.
So how did I get to look so much like a hippie after 60 days being controlled by an orginistion that prides itself shaving peoples hair?
"So Fuckemall" is a starter.
I received the invitation this call up, non refusable camp.
I go and buy hair nets and hair pins and gel to limit my hair from showing.
I and my friends do undercuts up my neck. As high as my ears.
I reported for duty as called for but slightly late with a good excuse with my hair all gelled up under a cap, regulation size.
Because I was late with a good excuse I was rushed past a lot of prying/testing peeps and onto a departing Bedford.
During a mass prayer meeting the next morning I had to take off my head covering and I hear the Officer behind me proclaim " Goeie Christus God" as my locks start tumbling down.
During interrogation and questioning I maintained that my hair was principle to my earning a wage as I was employed as a Drummer in a band called "The Gutter Kids"
Remember that I do not have a smidgen of music in my body.
Anybody with any sense (Somebody in the Army?) would have asked me to do a drum solo with two forks, nobody did, and I survived with my hair intact.
The next day I was interviewed by a senior Predikant (Priest, Rabbi) and during this I found my way to salvation (His Beard). He was mistakenly advised by me that his Beard and my Long Hair was on the same level.
I survived with my hair for another 8 days.
These camps were always expanding. You were only called up for 22 days, then it was expanded for another 22, and you ended doing 3 months.
So on day 28 I had to go and shoot on the range.
Hair in a net and mosdop on  top.
"Mosdop" is the plastic inner of a Metal helmet.
Because of my genetic inheritance I manage to outshoot everybody that day
And I keep my hair for a another week or so.
I then arm wrestle a Corporal and gain a week.
By then the Man of God is on my side and me and him go and see the COMMANDANT, the guy in charge of the whole camp.
He thought that I looked like a young diety (Jesus) and forgave me my sins and there I was back in civvy life with my long hair.
You all can do it with smoke and mirrors or with "fuckemall"

Not even if it is good.
Hey Ray my GRANDSON my advice to you is to do what you want.

Your picture reminds me of this guy.
You looked dangerous. In a good way...
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