25 January 2012



Lets GO!!
If anyone could come between V-Man and myself, it would be you. (And V-Man would probably like it, too!)
Damn, Kees. Who would have known there were so many of us crazy people on the internet?
Already over the top. I'm 200,016. What do I win?
Whadda ya mean..you couldn't read my post? And I already know I'd make a bad president...but a wonderous empress
Crap! Missed it by nineteen!!!

Good on ya, Keesie - may the next 200k be at least as much fun!
Two Hunnert Thousand! That's practically a million! Congratulations!
(I am running for Congress and basic arithmetic isn't allowed there so I'm getting in practice.)
Shit I'm late
crazy as a shit house rat, oops srry that was someone else your just plain crazy as say v-man,,,oops might want to rethink shit house rat crazy and Vman crazy,, need to evaluate.
You crawl outta the fekkn woodwork & tempt me with obscene numbers - bloody cheek of it!

Will catch up on your scrawl soon. Gotta mate who recently started in SL............he says the plek is spoilt, like the rest of Africa!
Do I win something?
I lost my site counter when I temporarily killed my blog a couple years back, so it only shows about 50k... I guess I will never be president.
Good on ya Kees. Keep bringing it to the people.
Congrats, Keesie!
Vroom Vroom! On to the next 500,000
You are the 9% :sarcasm:

But I dread you'll keep going anyway ;-)
Congrats, can you send me one of your big game guns for the hell of it?
Damn...I missed most of yesterday while having fun somewhere else. Over 200,000...verah kewl! My pitiful blog hasn't reached 60,000 yet and I've been doing this since Jan. 2006.
Keep going, Keesie!
Congratulations on getting the 200,000th hit.
I missed it. Talking killing creatures with Og. Dammit.
Just Damn!
Congrats on the Milestone!
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