03 January 2012


If Obama had a drone

But as we all know Obama has fuckall.

If he had a left a shrunken left ball he would have dron this

In this target rich enviroment Obama had no balls left not even a dro
Then he ran out off o's
Anf he ended up with no dr
Then he had no d
And America got screwed, just like he intended
You are welcome.

Butt he liked it as it was
He had no balls to start with, struth.

Happy belated New Year, dude!
Hi you special Dudess, as you most prolly commented on the post before this, but blogger put you here, you are in for some special name calling.
Frothwith the Obama admin shall grow balls.
Frothwith they shall install ID for voting.
Frothwith they shall apply the constitution.
Alas the balls only grew as big as nits.
Forthwith we shall ignore them
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