21 January 2012


Now be honest

If it is all peeps mentioned here are/is tagged.
Can you trust your blog roll to vote if they can't answer this?

Pictures if you have them are welcome and WILL be published.
I just discovered a picture of a girl which I will not publish who insisted on shaving me every time we had sex.
How many times and when last did you have your pubic hair shaved by or have shaved someone of the opposite sex?
My blog roll IMHO fares like this:
If you are not mentioned (or even if you are) I need to have proof that I am wrong and it actually did or did not take place.
Rob: Plenty : Before he went to rehab? : All guesses now or not.
Bane: We can only guess but I liked him a lot when he lived , I don't think he got shaved that often.
Vman: Plenty : When he had something on with Watsername, I think a good story from him will help to clear the (h)air with a 10 inch Bowie knife in his left hand, and a Guatamalan machete in his right
Guy: Never : Maybe in Canada or with a fish - Maybe?
Denny: Often but not in the snow : He has to leave something to stick out after a avalanche when on skis
King of Greece: Lots and losts : The mother Superior knows a lot. USA, UAS etc.
Erotica: Whatevah : Whenevah
Witch: Ooh again : Last night
Blob: Mil Secret: since 1989 daily : He believes it makes you shoot straighter not screwer... I mean skewer... I mean straight not happy as in gay.

Hapiness is a long beard and a longer trigger finger, go figure.

Flitzy Phoebie: Take your guess, she is so sweet, pubes or not.
Da big hair lawyer: He took haircuts for his clients but I think he took a few and not tooo long ago. I wasn't expecting such fast results but Jimbo is giving the assholes a shave allready
Aaargh: She trims the sails and cuts you short if you talk kak like I do, so no guesses.
Cheese: More times that his rabbi would think but then that first time when he lost a foreskin has held him back.
Libby: Goody : Again
Catfish: Plenty: Last week
Marcus: When fish bait is in short supply : This morning
Bob: ????? : 1967
SWG: .... Nevah .... : ......  ?   .......
Tanker: You can't trust a clean shaven electrician : He shaves pussy's for the vet, that is what he does.
Becky: Give me a ladder and I will try or maybe die
AB5Y: Maybe when he was younger
Yabu: Only when he is sober and mean : Yesterday
Grandpa: Many : Last while active on the border : Some of it was was done by Mexican bandits - struth.
Tommy: Stupidly I think not to much : He will tell a big lie about it two weeks ago.
Driver: On Major stops only : When last on full duty
Dax:  Often : Before his last major trip to Africa
El Baboon: Never : Was born bald - struth
Dazd: Once or twice : 17 years ago
Froth: Maybe 3.5 times : After she hides the bodies she dances and sings, in french. strange but true and the pets join in: In french, you tink I lie - nevah
Stu: Often : He also likes dogs and nurses.
Rex: Never : The knives in his life is toooo big to allow close to his pubes.
DoF: Conjecture : I will just be kakked out for not following good research methods.
Holder: Useless to guess : Her husband is a ex marine : Talk amongst yourselves
Shadowscope: SEE HOLDER ABOVE, they have cute kids and the one is a repete.
Dog: Plenty, with every lick : I mean tattoo or is it a revamp of some old crap with old guns etc.
Og: Nevah : Maybe every six months if his knees are/is OK and his car's clutch is working.
Insty: Indeed: Heh
Cory: Boing : Boing
Pondering: Haiku, not so fast, don't cut so deep, however shallow that may sound. (NEW FORM)

Got my MoJo workin'
I am and have alawys been like the African bush -- wild and uncut
... no comment.....
I miss doing memes. Speaking of pubes, did you see this?
That's what I like about this blog: You're not afraid to leap off into untamed areas.

I'm just happy you didn't post more pictures.

You haiku'd! I'm so proud.

I'll only say this...I like haiku better than shaving.
The only thing I shave is my noggin; no way I'm getting a razor anywhere below my neck.
All my commentors are to be thanked for keeping this POS alive, they are still Pussies tho.
Except Jean
Any hair I have is luxurious and minklike. Why would I let anyone shave it?
Heh, I nuked the beard after I got Home. Hadn't seen my chin for 12 years, then discovered I'd grown another one. :(
"they are still Pussies tho."
You are what you eat.
Who told? Sheesh... a girl can't have any secrets these days...
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