22 January 2012


Who is the Cajun and who is the Boer?

OK the Titles will tell you, but listen, please.
Many thousands of miles apart and we make the same music.
Happy "Cajun's Day" to you my brother.
Oh that was last week was it, well dang

Boeremusiek vanaf hier many more Boere/Cajun pieces from here

I do not have a musical bone in my body but play the two together and they sound the same - almost

Although it is not PC to say it anymore. I was raised to this.
Your own space?
Your own culture?
Your own language?
Your own morals?
Your own laws?
Your own ways?
Your own {Fill in the Blank}?

I Will. And fuck you.
Not so much god left in me after a long and happy life, but enough to fuck you with. OK

We also had a couple of peeps grabbing woman at taxi ranks and such and we also had talks about how the woman deserved that, nogal. Keep your paws to yourself please or I will cut them off.

My life and morals is depicted below.
The words are simple "Hou jou hanne van my lyf af" = "Keep your hands from my body"
And this is repeated thruout.

I had to recoup and calm myself down with this.
Beutiful ain't it.

I met a girl last night that charged by the inch. I didn't have enough money but I figured she’d be a good deal for you.
C'mon Vman you can't just throw away a good hooker like that, what will she make of his foreskin and how will she measure that.
25% is a lick if you ask me.
Blow by blow
You lose
Win is all
Sorry to all
uh...that 3 line comment was not me....?
uh...that was me
C'mon Cheese, how would you know what a hooker looks like and how she/he would recact, the payment is all about how drunk he is and how many inches his wallet can handle, I thort all peeps knew this fact. Weed did play a role a while back tho.
I think I met her. I only paid for 12 and held the other half to prevent kinking.
Blob wins the mystery prize
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