12 July 2007


Man, what a trip!

Isanga Bay. A most beautiful view of Lake T.

Kapisha Hot Springs. You can see the fairies dancing in the mist.

1000 kilometers (625 miles) in 12 hours in Africa, Must be some kind of record for foolishness.

Anyway, our first day with the itinerary from hell is now 6 days behind us and we have had a wonderful holiday with two of our youngsters.

We first stopped at Kapishya Hot springs , owned and run by Mark and Mell.

Mark is the typical son of a son of a colonial master (this is only put in to grate Mark).

They have this beautiful piece of Africa, and they are developing and saving it for the kids of the future.
Mell is a cook that excites and brings a feeling of calm to these hot springs, a Brit from London, she met Mark in a London pub and then moved with him to this remote piece of Zambia.
We rested a day at Kapishya and then we moved on to Isanga Bay on Lake Tanganyika, a trip of only 400 kilometers (250 miles).
Rene and Sean are the mistresses and misters of Isanga Bay, she is a great cook and hostess and he looks after the place well.
We were the only guests at Isanga and loved it.
Rene also offers a range of therapeutic massages, that the girls loved.
Pedicures and manicures followed.
Urm, twas a great trip... I particularly enjoyed being dragged around the lake on a tube by my loving sister who thought it was a great way to get exercise! Buffy, one of the local dowgs at Isanga Bay was a great security guard and I thoroughly enjoyed the anecdotes... specifically a well worded comment about "indiscriminate dunking of the love muscle", referring to certain Scandahooligans who have a preference for local lovelies - and then abscond leaving behind their pets and local offspring.
Had a great trip! It was great to spend this time with my parents, since I don't see them very often! Kapisha Hot Springs is a little heaven in the middle of nowhere... My first time in hot springs... Isanga Bay was also a great experience. I tried to compensate for the large amount of yummy food we were eating (three times a day) by rowing my tush around a small bit of the Lake Tanganika... It was fun. Kind of ready to go home now to my man whom I haven't seen in a month, sooo... Being a South African, it is so special to be able to experience other African cultures (done Botswana and Tanzania as well). Cheers :)
No she does not travel well, in fact I got (KK, Speaking) a new Latin name for her "Lovebillia Moangattia"
So that would say that she is at the end of her travel-tether and does not want to speak to you lot.
She will have her say somewhat later and in the meanwhile she sends her LOVE.
Post more pictures soon.
Love Keesie
Woohoo you're back...and what beautiful pics! Do you feel rejuvenated?MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 07.16.07 - 11:00 pm #
I want to hear more about that "...indiscriminate dunking of the love muscle..." and maybe a picture of it?
GUYK Homepage 07.15.07 - 11:16 pm #
Oh how I envy you!! So glad you had a good trip kees Am now feeling even more homesick for my wonderfully weird home continent *sigh*
Jayne Homepage 07.15.07 - 9:38 pm #
that cracked veneer is looking better and better!
Rex Homepage 07.15.07 - 4:33 am #
I'm so jealous. It's looks just gorgeous.
Libby Homepage 07.14.07 - 4:31 am #
.... one day I am definitely coming to Africa.....
Eric Homepage 07.13.07 - 10:36 pm #
I never wanted to go to Africa until I started viewing your pictures.Your country is BREATH TAKING!!!Glad every one is having a nice time.I sure could go for a massage myself!
Maeve Homepage 07.13.07 - 4:10 am #
Looks absolutely beautiful. We missed you. Now are you going to show us a picture of your freshly manicured & pedicured fingers and tootsies?
Chickie Homepage 07.13.07 - 2:55 am #
Very nice. Looks like a place worth visiting.
hammer Homepage 07.12.07 - 9:30 pm #

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