18 March 2007


Exit Africa?

My Mom and Dad and oldest Sister on the occasion of her christening.
This happened in Cape Town, SA.

As far as I know, which is not a lot, my parents were 6th generation Africans.
Now my Mother and Father's first grandchild will be born in the USA, with both parents being citizens of the said USA.

My eldest Sister, photo above, and her husband, a Rooinek, or AKA English speaking SA citizen, and two kids, immigrated to the USA and became United States citizens in +- 1990.
Now their second born, married to a local, is expecting their first.

How do I feel about that?
They really wanted it so that is OK.

I love my Family unconditionally.
I also disagree with them about a vast number of issues, we normally do this with civility.

Back to the new American.
His/her Grand Mother is most probably the most intelligent person you will ever meet.
A Bsc in Math’s and Science and a PhD (USA) in Philosophy majoring in English Literature attests to that.
She is also a published author of very intelectual books. That might just be my opinion.
The landing on those shores with these four lifted the IQ there and dropped it here.


So back to the heading of this post.
The Wildness and the Beauty and the disorganization of Africa is in my blood, I LOVE it.

I will stay here until I am chased out, forcibly.
I hope my kids and their kids stay here in this vast cauldron of beauty and mystery.

Also as you know I joined a new company 6 months ago and have just been offered the opportunity to oversee a second contract in addition to the one I am doing now.
Congrat's are in order.

This is the latest photo that I could find of myself.


Cats' Mother speaking

(Keesie asked for my comment):
So here we are in Africa - in Solwezi, Zambia specifically, the place of my birth (4 July 1960). It is my first return 'home' since my family returned to SA in '66. I married Kees eight years and five days ago in Pretoria on the way to my first contract with him in Botswana (thanks for all the congrats!)

Most days are a celebration with The Kees.

We met in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa six months prior to our marriage. The man was funny, frustrating, and ego-centric and penniless (he had spent the last seven years sinking every cent of a considerable amount of money into saving his first wife, Esta's life from the corrosive 'C').

Cancer took Esta two years prior to our meeting.

He woo'ed me with observant witty poetry, a repertoire of 3 off-key songs sung (hammed) in a deep baritone (concentration nearly floored him), some great home-cooked meals and a number of wonderfully fabulous aromotherapy massages. Hmm, I'd died and gone to heaven.

Note: I bought the man our first dinner together and a number thereafter. I'd never bought a man dinner ever. Keesie ordered the biggest steak ever, a number of divine bottles of red wine and for dessert one Irish Coffee after the next. His amorous pitch was: 'I am good in bed' (no really) and: 'I'm a good provider' - um, yeah right and we laughed and laughed because I had more money than he did at the time, my car was marginally better than his slime green Mamba, and while he had just been retrenched, I was waitressing in the wake of a yuk divorce (I'm a landscaper by profession but so was my ex, so I took to the hospitality trade in an effort to fight, flight and flow...)

All Keesie wanted me to say was that he has a big dick and I will follow him anywhere he goes...

In my round about way I am saying just that and he's got big balls too; although when we met I used to assure him that I was taller than him (not) and I had bigger balls (not - Kees edited this!)

Now that we have his 'bear' statistics out of the way, Keesie is a wonderfully funny, smart, capable, responsible, loving and kind mate. I really did good the second time around. I love him very much. My two girls too (he put both of them through university) and that's what got us travelling through Africa as we had three girls in varsity all at one go, including his daughter from his union with Esta.

I will follow Keesie wherever he goes because I'm his mate and he is mine. And no, he wasn't bragging. Who knew!

PS: Kees has travelled Africa far more extensively than I have but since our union I have visited Malawi and Swaziland, Zanzibar and Dubai; and I have lived in Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. Beats suburbia anyday. To 'us-us-us', Keesie. As for exiting Africa - this is our home and we are here to stay.


CongratsYou two are so inspiring, may there be plenty more moments as these. Love the two of you very very much

The Gang(Pierre, Vida, Zeke en Zaphod)Pierre en Vida 03.21.07 - 7:19 pm #

A wonderful post that warmed my heart!

Cindi Homepage 03.21.07 - 2:33 pm #

Great shot. Great sentiment. It's a wonderful place. I hope all works out for you.

Fathairybastard Homepage 03.19.07 - 7:45 am #

A couple who obviously have so much fun together and can make each other laugh are a joy to behold. Belated anniversary greetings to a wonderful couple. (From an American who appreciates the rise in our collective IQ via your sister's family!)

Mrs. Who Homepage 03.19.07 - 12:47 am #

This is just the coolest post. You guys sound fabulous, individually and together. You'd be fun to hang with.

Kim Homepage 03.18.07 - 8:09 pm #

Congrats to Keesie!Great story on how you met too. I love happy endings.

Maeve 03.18.07 - 4:46 pm #

That picture is HAWT! Love the story from Cat's Mother.

Lisa W. Homepage 03.18.07 - 4:30 pm #

congrats, Keesie (and Cat's Mother). What a great story. I love hearing how people meet...

holder Homepage 03.18.07 - 4:29 pm #

Whoa Kees...How many shots did you have before you put your crown on? Congrats on your job. I hope all goes well for you.

Becky Homepage 03.18.07 - 3:27 pm #

Congrats! My girls room is filled with those tiaras, I think you've started a fashion trend

hammer Homepage 03.18.07 - 3:24 pm #

Oh, congrats for sure, Kees!And what a CUTIE you are, your own bad self! Great tiara. I want one for my bun!

k Homepage 03.18.07 - 3:15 pm #

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