17 July 2007


R&R Guts and grit


Question: What did Chiwaya do from 1912 to 1914?
Answer: He drove this tractor along a track cut by C.D. Simpson.

It Boggles the mind.

This all from the Gore-Browne Manor house (circa 1920) near the Kapisha Hot Springs.
Mark is a descendant of Stewart Gore Brown.

Mark & Mell the owners of Kapisha Hot springs.


I've always wanted to visit a rubber factory.

MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 07.18.07 - 10:02 pm #
Those old steam tractors were nothing but a train engine on lugged wheels and could do some serious work. I have seen them in operation at some shows where they are using them from everything from pulling a saw mill to threshing wheat. Back at the turn of the last century the BIG outfits in the Northwestern USA used them to pull plows on the multi thousand acre wheat farms..

GUYK Homepage 07.18.07 - 3:13 pm #


Neat old tractor. It's amazing how much they could do with a steam engine.

hammer Homepage 07.17.07 - 6:37 pm #


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