30 July 2007


Competition - Identify Please

Any baboon knows it is a black rhino and her calf.

What is the bird that is fluttering next to the calf?

If you can't identify the bird please leave your suggestion of what it should be called.




Nope, it is a mileamo bird so called because it feasts on the vermin on that overgrown hog and when it tries to take off it just flops to the ground and you can hear it fart for a mileamo

GUYK Homepage 08.06.07 - 3:42 am #
Definitely a swallow-tailed ear pecker.

Libby Homepage 08.04.07 - 6:53 pm #


It's a "Talibird," which truly believes it about to deliver an ass-kicking to a couple infidels.

Jim - PRS Homepage 07.31.07 - 9:11 am #


it, of course, is a long tailed ear-nester.

Rex Homepage 07.30.07 - 10:50 pm #

That, of course, is an Oo-oo bird. It is identifiable by its big, pendulous Nut-Sack, which drags on the ground when the bird flies low, causing it to exclaim, "Oo-oo!"

Elisson Homepage 07.30.07 - 8:41 pm #

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