29 July 2007


Guyk's new leanto

I learn from this that either Guyk has won the lottery or his rich Aunt Mavis died and left him millions.

Sweething would have bought more at Wally World, according to Guyk.
However according to Sweething, she would have bought a 10 yard long walking machine, to get some space to put her Hubby's fat something or other in front of her.
I'm guessing I suppose.
But the space between Rednecks and rural Afrikaners is less than zero.
And that is not limited to the times we have sex.
I do believe that Guyk named the car Sylvia II, you know that he has gottten a degree in History, of course, on the GI bill nogal, they did have to translate his redneck into english though to pass him on the final paper.
Raising three adopted kids is a major achievement, I salute Sweething and Guyk.
I bet I could fit my still in that limo and power it off of corn
hammer Homepage 07.31.07 - 6:14 am #
Did that limo come with a moonshine still and a built in fishing hole?
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 07.30.07 - 4:55 pm #

Yep, that's sweetthings half acre except I traded that gotdam limo for a Red Ram and A Jayco..the Limo rode like a Ford Truck.
GUYK Homepage 07.30.07 - 1:39 am #

"...they did have to translate his redneck into english..." No easy feat, mind you. Oh, Hi Guy!
Erica Homepage 07.29.07 - 9:05 pm #

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