05 July 2009


Cindy Speaking

Thanks to my Nics for the birthday post. You are so wrong. The youngest woman you will ever feel is flipping 49! I'm a happy heifer for another year. Next birthday I'm a half century moo-cow in all my glory says the crab married to the bull. Thanks to all for the wishes and sms's. Must confess I was a bit confoxed by all the 5oth greetings. Later... I was half asleep when America called. Didn't even wish you happy 4th July I was so puzzled. Thanks Eric and Elisson for this surprise - now that was very cool. Ellison informed me that 50 is the new 40 - lol, so I muttered sleepily does that make 49 the new 29? Ummm, but gallant Ellison ignored the fact that woman in KeesKennis Land don't seem to be able to count. When Eric called the penny dropped. Niiiiiiiic! Bloody blogger. 50 or not - I really enjoyed hearing the male American drawl of Eric and Ellison, how charming. Thank you. Hey Maeve! Thank you too, you always say nice things.
Nic my love, thanks for the gorgeous diamond earrings - love them. If you slip up and age me again you will be buying me a third pair!

Keesie here:
Hi Pumkin, You are so Wise you could have been 60 so WTF.
Happy 49th tp YOU.


Actually, what I said was that 50 is the new 30. Which makes you the new 29, I suppose. Leave it to Keesie to misplace the decimal... but his heart is in the right place. Right next to yours!

Gravatar.. twas my pleasure, ma'am..... happy birthday!.... and many, many happy returns.....

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