10 February 2008


Exercise at the famous Christmas Place Plantation

Hi Rex are you wondering what to do, you can't shoot her, you know, or are you gonna apply some ointment to the antler scrapes?
So now we know what you guys do in the off season.
Check out this comment he left.
(good post "flint"), indeed.
Well as you say, girls love a man in cammo.
The original picture was stolen from Rodger, the real King of France

You can take Kees out of the bush, but you can't take the bush out of Kees
Not much of a rack, but a trophy nonetheless...
BobG Homepage 02.10.08 - 7:50 pm #

looks like a trophy to me, just need to rub in some ointment and see what happens.
Rex Homepage 02.10.08 - 5:47 pm #

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