14 June 2009



It was very hot.
Looked at a project still to be built with oil dollars.
It was very hot.
The hotels we stayed in were nice and the Pakistani and Indian employees were very friendly.
It was very hot.
I actualy met a working Qatarian, a very rare item, he apparently has to work, what a shock.
It was very hot.
We will be submitting our bid within days, and I will be very busy.
It was very hot.

Did I tell you that is was very hot when I visited Qatar last week?

There were lots of sand and lots of heat.

It was very hot.


Yuck.I loath hot weather.
Maeve 06.16.09 - 3:32 pm #

.... well, at least it didn't rain......
Eric Homepage 06.16.09 - 3:44 pm #

how was the humidity?
Rex Homepage 06.17.09 - 5:56 pm #

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