17 March 2007


Elk sang to death

Keeskennis can now report that after about 17 chords and thirteen words the elk just dropped.

The Editor of the Bodock Times, Rex, said "The true value of really bad singing must be investigated more, I truly believe that I have a unique gift."
KeesKennis reporting from the famous Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club.
No, he is dead as a hammer. You have to hit those high notes jusssst right. They will fall dead in their tracks. hi ya, Kees!
Rex Homepage 03.18.07 - 11:50 pm #
Looks like he was just put to sleep with a lullaby
hammer Homepage 03.17.07 - 4:50 pm #

You would have been perfect as a writer for Monty Python...yup, you'da fit right in.
Erica Homepage 03.17.07 - 1:56 pm #
KK: Thanks Erica that is high praise in my book.

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