03 February 2009


What was that crunching sound.

This is the first time that I have a connection to the bloggyworld for more than a week.

This is the badly photoshopped picture that I planned to post.
It was in response to the very badder and worser photoshopped picture that Rex put up here. And that remark (Let's see Kees top that.) was worserder than the photoshop and upleft inciting.

That Sharp Youngster in Florida was very good in his comment that was posted before the piccie went up.

Comments at the empty post:
Probably the vacuum that ensued when any content disappeared?

Gravatar an elephant on a slow native?

Glad you squashed the Mailrider, he is part of the US Post Office Mafia.
Also glad to see that you are back giving everybody hell!

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