04 April 2007


An in-opportunistic moment .....

... for my buddy hunting at at the famous Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club on the edge of the Mississippi Delta ......
.... But hey a buck is a buck.
Hey Rex did you get it?
Makes me want to pinch his ass.
Becky Homepage 04.06.07 - 5:51 am #
I wish I had some of these clothes a few years ago when I was doing all of my yard work. I could just stop and shit and then keep on trucking.
Catfish Homepage 04.05.07 - 10:55 am #
for some strange reason I missed.
Rex Homepage 04.04.07 - 3:44 pm #
Lol bare huntin.
hammer Homepage 04.04.07 - 9:53 pm #
Always be prepared...that's my motto!
MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 04.04.07 - 4:01 pm #
I just tagged you Keesie.
Maeve 04.04.07 - 3:58 pm #
BAWAHAHAHA. I can tell that is a city boy hunter though..I see that roll of ass wipe hanging from the tree. We redneck boys learned how to use leaves when we were kids when that urge hit us in the bush
GUYK Homepage 04.04.07 - 2:18 pm #

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