21 June 2009


The Stupid Ones

Hi Stu,
For more stoopid, I can't fink of nobody, but:

Here in Africa I can volunteer myself.
In England or Oz or NZ. I would say either:

However in the USA I can offer
B, but he is dead and he wasn't stoopid, and
Dax, but, my phone is ringing and I have to answer, see Ya.
Eric's .... well, at least it didn't rain...... does leave a few questions unanswered, but we do have to remember that is Tennessee and Glen is THE Blogger, and that Blanche is leading us all by the short and curly right now.
Vman can come up with a half rubber, I would tink, not that that would help.

Get out of that bed quickly you old fart, PLEASE.
we all LOVE you.


.... stupid is as stupid does, sir...... my Momma always told me that.....

GravatarThankyou, Kees.
Am out of hospital now and mending slowly. 90% fitness expected again by september.


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