29 September 2008


A story

vMam said acka acka acka when I posted some severed heads.
If you have bleeding knees fuck off, now, please.

Now that is just the juice that gets my toes all curled up.

Fuck, I need another conflict, like I need a hole in the head.
Still here I am.
A Ragtag, but superbly trained officer for 1 Parabat, coaxed out of civvy street.
Ragtag?, yes we had no, and I mean no equipment to choose from.
Maybe a 1000 Officers make a Army, who knows?
The Magic number was reached and we had the pick of what there was, and that included MEN.
My god, youngsters, last years recruits?
I resigned and was reinstated a thousand times. OK a 1000 times is bulshit but 20 is not.
I got 1st Lt Govendar, Cpt Malherbe, Gert Pieters>> Mortarman, Cpl and Cpt Gavins, brothers, and Rick, Boikie, Jack, Pieter and Peter, Sandy and 150 others.
Sandy was to play a major role in our victory, in no way that he would ever understand.
About 60% with a years training and the rest as you knew or found them.
I was luckier than most, I had a previous conflict resume as a "leader" and some real soldiers came my way because of that.
This way I found Cpt Frank and his six, Jose, Cpl Mally Kelly, senior nurse and crack shot and " Cappy if you fuck off now, I will kill you" reputation from another war.
I was lucky and trained to find the best at the front.
In a war with limited supplies how does the manager secure the best for himslef and his "troops"
In Moz we gippo'd the lines and in a oversupply and undermanaged line we got thru.
here in Angola it would be diff.
So at the beginning me and my troops went stealing.
Apparently we left 2 divisions without any armored vehicles.
It was at least 4.
At last we were equiped and armed and ready.
I was alert and ready as were my men. We were part of a 2500 advance force. Led from Pretoria.
Our Motto. Fuck Castro We are not Cannon Fodder.
17 Pilots, 12 planes,  3 airstrips and building daily.
Did I say 17 pilots, well OK, Govendar,  Malherbe, Gert Pieters, Cpt Gavins, Boikie and  Sandy also flew.
The rains were starting but Pretoria was on a diff planet.
Move when say should have said Swim.
Finaly the ruskies (Cubans) got to close for there own good.
I had 16 patrols at 3 hour intervals going forward. Plenty of sleep and rest, but kicking butt.
After a while the Mericans came and bomded ahead, we moved faster then but my lines were stretching.
Remember those divisions without armor?
They came up behind us with only their hunting rifles and a couple of LMG's. And anyway they did a great job. Many a Angolan/Portugese/Cuban truck/combine was driven away and sold in SA for top prices. 
Some of the money made its way back to the front in the way of munitions etc.
So after my previous conflicts of complaining about a book/computor war, I had peeps to contend with.
Soldiers and their shit, which is a fuckin lot.
Civvys and their shit which is a fuckin lot.

Taking a town or ridge or grid when the 'commies' was not opposing was a victory in Pretoria only.
We died slowly, one at a time, nothing dramatic.

And then the Americans left, no talks, no nothing, just FUCKING GONE, Mike has explained it to me. 
I had 245 peeps and 895 miles to a safe spot. We also had 4 prisoners of the commie kind and 14 misdemeanor murderers of owr own.
I told the cuban captain that I would give him and his cahoots 2 days rations and a R4 with 200 rounds and we will drop him, he aggreed.
Remember that it wass raining?

We backtracked thru some towns and  spent poes and dicks met once again and this time they knew what has happenned and no girls believed the soldierly shit.
Remember Sandy, good soldier, tough, good shot. I liked him and he would obey any command or 'suggestion' from me.
His "ex" girl, from about 3 months ago, now pregnant, by Sandy, she says, blocks his way back.
No problem, he shoots and kills her, her mother and two friends, four women.
I hear and hasten to where a large crowd is now building.

Sandy and three mates and two Junior Officers is holding their own by a show of guns.

I don't say a word but stop and look and touch every dead woman in the scene.

I remember 3 names

"Sandy, you, you, De Klerk, Pistorius stand down and give me your guns"
They all take a step forward and put their guns down except for Sandy.
"Jy dink julle kak sal met my mors"
"Nee Sandy, Ek sal met jou mors, gee my jou fokken geweer of EK mors jou"
"Altyd die fokken Heer, jou moer"
I shot him 3 times in or arround the heart.
He died on the spot.
We sorted it with the locals and we carried Sandy back to SA.
I wrote a letter and another Army Officer went arround and told his family that he died a hero in the heat off battle.
I have never stood trial to account for my side of the story.

And now I do not think that I ever will.


I just saw this post today. That is an incredible story, Kees. I'm going to link to it when I put up a new entry at my blog tomorrow.

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