29 September 2008

Whilst I am working the interwebs I spy this at Ace

Somali pirates double down, demand $20M

—Purple Avenger

Hey, when you're surrounded by a bevy of warships with no way out other than in a body bag, why not demand $20M? Heck, go for $200M or even $200B. You got nothing to lose, right?

I'm sure they'll be given $20M and promises of safe passage. Its what I'd do. I'd also turn'em into a fine pink mist at the first opportunity if they're dumb enough to believe such promises.

..."The crew are safe and not harmed; what we are waiting eagerly is the 20 million dollars nothing less, nothing more."

He also said that "it is true we are surrounded by three foreign military vessels and there are some others we can see from a distance."...

Smart: try to slink away in a dinghy in the middle of the night.

Dumb: try to collect the $20M

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This Nigeria scam does not interest me at all but I remember another time.


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