22 November 2009


. . . and thousands more. What's YOUR favourite? ;-)

You are scared of her, why?
I will pay you 100 dollar in your account or a account of your fav charity if you can deliver a 1000 more.
Surely you are not of the lunatic left?
With your skills you can see that we will run out of somebody else's money soon.
Love you



You would lose heavily, man;
there are 50,001 anagrams of 'Sarah Palin : Going Rogue'

I'm always afraid of ignorance in power, be it called Bush, Mugabe, Palin , Benedict or Hu-ever

GravatarI can tolerate ignorance in power much more than arrogance. The ignorant simply have a lack of knowledge. They can learn and mature.
The arrogant think they already have all the answers. They are the Orwellian "more equal pigs". Obama is a more equal pig. Plus, he'd probably spew if he had to gut a moose. To Sarah, it would just be another chore in a typical Alaskan day.

Statistical evidence (Bush, Mugabe, Blair etc) shows that the ignorant - once in power, at least, do NOT learn and mature.

Also, I do not think that the ability to gut a moose is a necessary precondition for being able to run the country well, whereas a deep understanding of political issues IS


She was doing quite well in AK before the campaign. She would still be doing so if not for the political hacks. Is she ready to be a leader of a nation?
No less so than Obama,Brown, or that sad sack Ruud.
I think she has good instincts and common sense, a good moral compass, courage and the ability to make the heads of overeducated douchebags accross the world explode. That alone makes her a national treasure.

Don't you find these people uninformed?

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=m...player_embedded

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