26 January 2008


Hunting stories

How far can you trust Rex with deerhunting stories?
He couldn't stand the embaressment that a Quadruped blogger in Africa
published a post about Albino Whitetail deer before he did, so he photoshopped the picture below, by colouring the deer black. Tsk tsk tsk.

He is from the Mississippi Delta after all, you know.

Aish, Rex, what next, you next to Thunderhoof?

You can learn more about Rex here and here and here and here

No I am just joking about Rex. His photoshop skills still has to improve quite a bit to be able to that.

This is from the link below:

(and here the use of multiple quotation marks slays this Keesie)

OK all you deer hunters, have you ever seen or heard of this one? Have you big game hunters ever seen a black white-tail before? The photo came from Michigan with this note -- "this black deer (Melanistic color phase), it's even more rare than an albino".

Picture and words lifted from Hunting and Fishing Traditions

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