30 January 2008


And then I got on the road.

Quotes from Mostly Cajun.
"The drive up the interstate is boring"
"My last couple of weeks have started and ended with hour and a half drives to and from jobsites"
"Too much driving"
"Wasn’t quite as much driving as a couple of other days this week, but this morning found me headed up the road to yet another of my stations."
So I wanderred how he copes with all this.
So I sent my sleuths out and they bring back this piccie.

No wonder he doesn't complain about other road users.
Good going there Tanker.
Hope I didn't put you on a commie tank.

I posted a nice tank here as well.

Here is the piccie before I messed with it.



I wonder what kind of shocks that thing has to keep from knocking out the occupants teeth.

hammer Homepage 01.31.08 - 10:14 pm #


Not bad, but I think a 1960 Buick is bigger and scarier...

BobG Homepage 01.30.08 - 7:01 pm #


Reminds me of the days of my misspent youth...Unfortunately the Chevy Impala my employer provides me today lacks that certain "authority" that comes with tracks and a large-bore gun.


mostly cajun Homepage 01.30.08 - 3:13 pm #

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