26 July 2008


A sad loss

Sassy, Top center, with the extra white, He must have been very hungry to eat with the "others".

This morning at about 6:30 I fed Mr Sassy Cat at his special place on the plastic table, away from the other cats.
By 10:30 his favourite neighbour, Joyce, came and told us that he was dead.
A snake bite, from most probably, a black mamba, was terminal.
I carried him back to our property and he was still warm.
My heart was torn.
A hour or so later I jumped into the hole with his now stiff body to put Mr. Sassy into his final resting place.
He was our roaming cat, he had friends everywhere, Joyce with the small shop accross the street was his favourite.
She loved him.
Whenever he was off or sick or just ornerry she carried him to our yard and said, "He is not well".
And off to the Vet he went.
Except this time there was no Vet.
He had no obvious trauma. He was just dead and drooling from the mouth.
Black Mamba indeed.
This was the living Mr Sassy Cat.
Death of a duster.
My Name is Lelu.
A Balsy mistake
I am so CUTE.
I don't like Cats.

Cat myths.
I will miss him a lot.

My deepest sypathies on the loss of your kitty. How do you sleep with a black mamba in the neighborhood?

Gravatar I am very sorry old friend. I know how it hurts.


Mike LaRoche Homepage 07.29.08 - 6:47 am #

So, so sorry. Poor kitty. Poor Kees.
Tessa 07.28.08 - 9:26 pm #

I am sorry for your loss. I lost my Golden Retriever a while back. It hurts for a long time.
Old Soldier Homepage 07.28.08 - 7:12 pm #

G'day Keesle
Greetings from down under
Great site
Isee you have a link to me [Phils Phun] and I am returning the favour
Philphil Homepage 07.28.08 - 1:19 pm #

I'm so sorry Keesie.
Becky Homepage 07.28.08 - 3:10 am #

Gosh, Keesie--I am so sorry. I know how it feels. I'll give Miss Kitty an extra skritch in memory.
MCmostly cajun Homepage 07.27.08 - 10:36 pm #

Damn, and he, being envenomed, cannot be safely utilized as taco meat.Kees, why ever would you remain in a place where what isn't poisonous, eats you? If the indigenous human population doesn't eat you first?I am befuzzled. Oh, and sorry about your cat. Looks like you've got plenty of spares, though.
Bane Homepage 07.27.08 - 10:26 pm #

Ahhh, Keesie - so sorry. It's tough to have to say goodbye to an old friend...
Elisson Homepage 07.27.08 - 7:48 pm #

I'm so sorry, Kees.
Jean Homepage 07.27.08 - 5:51 pm #

My condolences for the loss of a friend and family member.
BobG Homepage 07.27.08 - 5:44 pm #

Hope he got a bite in first. I'm sorry for your loss. Losing a good pet is tough, indeed.
Velociman Homepage 07.27.08 - 5:10 pm #

Some cats, and dogs, just grab you in a certain way, don't they? He lived a happy life.
Nancy Homepage 07.27.08 - 4:47 pm #

I am sorry for your loss of an old friend. I have been there myself and I know how tough it can be.
GUYK Homepage 07.27.08 - 4:28 pm #

I am so sorry for your loss.(((Kees & Cat's Mother)))
Maeve Homepage 07.27.08 - 3:51 pm #

Sorry, Kees.
Jim - PRS Homepage 07.27.08 - 3:09 am #

So so sorry Keesy. Kitties are so hard to say goodbye to.
Erica Homepage 07.27.08 - 2:38 am #

Oh, Kees. I am so sorry. The Sassy Cat will be welcomed by Lucky the Black Cat and Elvis the Yellow Lab and Boomer the Persian. I hope it was fast and not painful.Geez, you have some fucking snakes there, stuff of legend.I'm so sorry.
Kim Homepage 07.27.08 - 2:13 am #

A noble death, a cat worthy of praise. I am so sorry for your loss. R.I.P., Mr. Sassy.Joan of Argghh! Homepage 07.26.08 - 11:29 pm #

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