23 February 2007


"... she allows they tastes like chicken"

Hi Guyk and Miss Sassie Poodle , Mister Sassy Cat here, what do you think of this nice little catfish. Apparently it weighed in at 140 lbs.

Nice eh, meow.

I taste like chicken, indeed.

I battled a bit with the mouse as I do not have a big enough paw, but Kees showed me how to manage.
And off course the super intelect that cats have made the photoshopping easy.


Mister Sassy Cat.
LOL meow LOL meow


Finally I found some time to visit your blog. Thank you for posting on my blog about the white deer. That picture is some big ugly barber. Very good and informative blog you have here. I am a sucker for African big game animals. Elephants, lions and tigers (not native to Africa) are my favorites.Keep the good work up.-Othmar Vohringer-
Othmar Vohringer Homepage 02.24.07 - 5:57 am #

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