17 July 2008


Jumping for joy

Pictures by Chris Fellows

.... sharks give me the heebie jeebies....
Eric Homepage 07.20.08 - 9:33 pm #

Yikes. Glad it looks like the little guy got away....
Libby, Homepage 07.19.08 - 3:55 pm #

Great white is just playing with that seal. That's amazing. Did a lot of diving in Australia, but never saw one of those thank God. Guess SA has it's fair share as well.
Old Soldier Homepage 07.18.08 - 6:28 pm #

Remind me not to go surfing around there.
hammer Homepage 07.17.08 - 11:24 pm #

Nothing beats a tight seal...
Chrissy Homepage 07.17.08 - 8:26 pm #

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