21 July 2008


Go Kitty Go !

Jimbo should get himself a leopard.
Photographs by Hal Brindley.

Something tells me it went like this.
Bored leopards, "He's not so tough, all scaly and reptilian and dumb. I could take him."
"No you couldn't. You're always the big talker"
"Oh yeah? Watch this!" (attacks croc, finds it a lot harder than he thought, wishes he could run away but doesn't dare let go.)
"Dude, that was AWESOME!!!"
"Oh it was nothing, really. Why don't you try one?"
decrepitoldfool Homepage 07.25.08 - 6:10 am #

... that is sweet..... and hardcore....
Eric Homepage 07.23.08 - 4:46 pm #

looks like me and one of my old girlfriends.
Rex Homepage 07.22.08 - 6:23 pm #

Leopards are a very underestimated predator. They kick ass all out of proportion to their size.
BobG Homepage 07.22.08 - 4:03 am #

Leopard 1, Croc 0. Sweet.
Well, there is always Junior, who is NOT my cat, but I figure he'd have a problem with a croc or a gator any bigger than that GEICO gecko.
Jim - PRS Homepage 07.22.08 - 2:11 am #

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