30 July 2008


Duh, cool and bullshit

I am 97% White Trash.
Total White Trash!
Born in a trailer, live in a trailer, die in a trailer. I am the epitome of white trashiness. Unfortunately, I have no clue what epitome means.
Take the
White Trash Test
@ FualiDotCom

I am 17% White Trash.
Not at all White Trashy!
I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.
Take the
White Trash Test
@ FualiDotCom

Which one is me?

Found at Jim PRS.


Guyk, you are a Redneck, that representation is awfulll.

GOTDAMIT! I represent that remark!

Gravatar Hell, I came out 12%, WTF?

Gravatar I'm going with White Trash only because of your encounter with those bible thumpers............

Gravatar Me, I'm 5%. WTF?

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