02 May 2008


Winning at Photoshop

In view of Cowboy Blob telling me on this entry in a previous competition

"You almost came in first, but adding the gratuitous bimbo, however pleasant it was, just made the graphic too busy."

And he also hinted broadly on his site.

"Well thunk, sir, to avoid the gratuitous hottie. I like my bimbos as an integral part of the artistic/comedic content. Hint, hint, Keesie."

So when he gives us this photo I knew what to do.

Keesie is not slow to understand that Blob wants simple graphics with no gratuitous chicks.

And here is my first my entry .

Simple graphics, no chicks and effen dull.

So it is back to the drawing board I presume, ha, ha.

All my hordes of readers out there, please help me with Ideas or go and give grave threats to The Blob.

Other works of art below.

Annie had to watch while daddy was drinking


is that a magazine feed or a belt feed weapon...I don't recognize what it is..but the wee one acts like she knows what she is doing..hopefully she has taken aim at some lawyers and shamans

GUYK Homepage 05.03.08 - 3:07 pm #

Hey! I only come here for the hot babes!

Rex Homepage 05.02.08 - 7:03 pm #

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