01 May 2008



Goldbloom escaped from her padded cell and issued instructions left, right and center.
Now if somebody can show me an entity that is still alive after ignoring an instruction from Goldbloom, I will not post this meme, but until then I will obey.
However the rules you can read on her site, as I do not do rules well.


Thanks to Guyk for the fishing picture.

Play along if you want.


You Guyk Sir is a fisherman, I, however am an angler, no mention of fish.

keeskennis Homepage 05.03.08 - 8:32 pm #

you sir are an artist! But did you catch any fish?

GUYK Homepage 05.03.08 - 3:04 pm #

LOL That was great Kees. You know you're hairier and your boobs are MUCH bigger then I would have thought.

MrsJoseGoldbloom Homepage 05.01.08 - 5:10 pm #

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